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i´m free! / (claus grabke - Alternative Allstars)

Hehe, so da muss ich jetzt aber mal was punkiges entgegenhalten. Also wenn dein Lied nicht ausgerechnet SOFTROCK w?re... ;-) Aber der Text ist toll, keine Frage.
Sowieso... "Alternative Allstars" sind ein Muss in jedem CD-St?nder.
Hier: F?r alle, die schon eine Leck-Mich-Am-A****-Haltung haben *lach* oder gerne h?tten. Trotz ist doch manchmal der einzige Weg, wenn Wut und Angst nicht mehr helfen... :-)

i?m free! (claus grabke)

stop dreaming of a life with a meaning
cause it?s the life that you?ll never lead!
you?ll grow to find what you once believed in,
will never grow to be what it seemed!
when ev?rything is taken away?
it feels like i?ve been born once again!
?cause i?m free?..to do what I want?
to do what i please?to do what i want..i?m free!!
you?re tied up in your own superstitions,
so fired up in the role you fulfill,
but you?re dead before you know your ambition,
you?re eaten by the time that you kill!
when ev?rything is taken away?
it feels like i?ve been born once again!
?cause i?m free?..
all my life i felt i?m fading away,
but now i know that i?ll stay,
with ev?ry word that i say
i beat the darkness in me!
i fought the fire and pain,?..
just to rise from nothing again?..
?life will leave its scars as a vision,
the answers are so easy to find!
the more you live in your television,
the less you?re wasting my precious time!
15.11.05 19:03

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